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      Class Action – Errorism

        The photos are taken on 26.03.09 in the drawing room at Dunedin Art School and with the building site of the new stadium, our much debated white elephant, in Dunedin, as backdrop on Minerva Street. They were produced for the show instructional models in the blue Oyster Art Project Space in Dunedin.

          © Copyright Sally Mannall, Melbourne

            Project coordination Dunedin
            Christine Keller
            Alex Lovell-Smith
            T-shirt Printing
            Bibiana Hunter
            Karen Taiaroa
            Christine Keller

              Back Row from left to right

                Max Oettli
                Debbie Adamson
                Kate Vander Drift
                Andrew Last
                Liam Anderson
                Shelley Adamson
                Liz Fea

                  Middle row from left

                    Emily Hlavac-Green
                    Claire McIntosh
                    Briar Comins
                    Marion Wassenaar
                    Bibiana Hunter
                    Gwen Hudson
                    Karen Taiaroa

                      Front row from left

                        Mishca Hill
                        Shelley Harding
                        Danielle Caddy
                        Zehavit Darlington
                        Nyree Ingle
                        Kaye French
                        Christine Keller

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