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The Golden Scarf was a side product of me helping my friend and colleague, Anna Biro, with her thesis work at the Centre for Contemporary textiles in Montréal in 1995.
It is a marriage of an inspiring material, the gold thread, with the weave-felting technique I had started using in 1992.
From 1994 – 1996 Anna Biro and I have worked repeatedly together on projects, such as designing and producing a 5 m high, 16 m wide fringe curtain in three days for a theatre production of Theatre St Denis, Montréal. I admire her creativity and will always love her art!

One of the Arai Shibori pieces and the golden scarf are published in the book ‘Techno Textiles’ by Sarah Braddock and Marie O’Mahony, 1998, Thames and Hudson.

Photo: Keller

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