OPEN DAY Sunday May 15 10.00 am - 3.00 pm

I would like to invite the community to come and have a look in the LoomRoom. It is time to show the good work off again.

Joanna has recently refurbished a number of old table looms from the Southern Institute of Technology and we have assembled them in a working bee this Monday.

This term we are weaving on two nights a week with twelve students. This is the largest intake I have had so far! And Yes - I did get the Funding from the DCC for the Creative Communities to make this possible at those prices.

Anyone is invited and all students are encouraged to bring in their friends and families. Please bring in some of your woven goods!


We will provide a cuppa and bikkies...


Hope to see lots of you on Sunday May 15th

Christine Keller From the LoomRoom