IKAT workshop August 10th in Mosgiel

Posted by Christine Keller on

There will be a workshop on dyeing a warp in a simple ikat technique.

Each participant will receive a warp to dye on the day, No dyeing experience is needed.

You will then have this colourful warp to take home and turn into a cloth.


We believe this workshop is now fully booked, anyhow,

to register your interest contact Sarah Gamble at bunny1@clear.net.nz

if interest is high, we will fix an additional future date


At Weaving on Hillingdon we are presently working on a sample for the workshop.

Enjoy the first images:




We have dyed three warps differently and then they are wound onto the loom


The warps might be crossed if desired, to get a colour pattern in the weave

In this example there are three warps that are warped on top of each other


Now the warp is ready for transformation into a colourful cloth


This is how the fabric sample looks after weaving .

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