after fall classes the loom room is hibernating

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We had a very busy term with two classes, Wednesday night and Thursday night. After everyone has been sorted out with a project for the break, we will reopen our doors in the week of August 24/25.

While lots of people have already booked the class, there are still a few spots available. Please contact me by email.

As an eye candy please look at the images of how student Valerie Parkes wove her runner within one week after classes finishing last week. Well done Valerie!

Here the loom has been brought home and weaving started at first a bit hesitantly.

Then the loom moved upstairs, where it was warmer and more comfortable to work.

The looms are off  that loom cemetary at Southern Institute of technology and have been given a new life with refurbishing by wood worker par excellance Joanna Wernham.



The orange and blue eyelets are 3-D printed by Makers Space which is part of the Valley Community Workspace in 11 Allen St in NEV. This is a fantastic beginning to a collaboration. The Loom Room is planning to move into Allen Street as soon as it is possible.

In the meantime Valerie got carried away into weaving....

The runner is ready to be cut off the loom

Before washing

And after...Now Valerie can choose if she wants to press it or leave it the way it is.

Again - Well done Valerie!


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