The Unique ART Object Club

Posted by Christine Keller on

    The Unique Art Object Club© was a project I did during my MFA studies in Montreal. It is a project about gift giving and the things in life you cannot buy for money.

      People I met gave me their sweaters, I dyed and then exhibited them. They were displayed as if they were in a designer store (product label and all). They became objects of desire but were not for sale as they did not belong to me but still to the people who provided them. In the gallery I encouraged people to try them on. I wanted to close the gap between the art object and the audience. After a celebration in the gallery the sweaters were re-distributed as Unique Art Objects©, designer label in the arm pit, to the original owners. Through this process I ‘created’ a community of friends in my new city of residence.

        35 sweaters
        Acid dyes
        Rubber bands
        38 days

          Photos: Wang and Keller

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