Works for Handweberei Rosenwinkel

Posted by Christine Keller on

    I was managing designer for Handweberei im Rosenwinkel for 4 1/2 years until August 2001.

      This is a workshop with over 20 people who are trained in hand weaving. When I arrived, the work was of high quality but very traditional. I started to work on a corporate design for the company to change the profile to a high quality, design orientated image. The social engagement of this workshop with differently abled employees was brought to public attention. My name as the one of a designer personality was put onto the products.

        The work and production was raised considerably. We took part in over 50 exhibition and sales events annually from the small craft market to high profile fairs in New York and Tokyo. The work got international recognition and while the design was commended with five awards, the director of the company got three major awards for her social engagement.

          I was enabled to make the changes as I was working in a good team with my superior Leena Butz and with the help of design management training for small businesses.
          When Leena and I left, the concept, which seemed to be working well has not been continued. However the Handweberei im Rosenwinkel is still producing their high standard products to date.



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