Working bees

To get started with making our own sanitary pads I recommend you come to our working bees. You need zero experience but an open mind and some curiosity and willingness to help. You only need to pay for pads you make on a pay what feels right basis.


If you are interested in making pads for you or a friend or help us making pads for the project, please let me know.

Please let me know if you can help. Also if you have clean non mouldy flannelette sheets (100% cotton)

please contact me if you are interested


I am envisaging working bees to happen to make articles like sanitary pads, masks and bags. For the use of the machines we are collecting a koha to create funds for maintenance of machines.

If we produce items that can be for sale, we will collect and safe the money to buy more machines for other parts of the Dunedin community so that they can be reached and used by more people.

The first machine to be re-financed is the machine that is permanently part of the LoomRoom equipment.

If the machines are not used frequently by the end of 2023, one machine will be owned by the LoomRoom while the other two will become property of Stitch Kitchen.

Working bees can be organised in the LoomRoom by experienced sewers. Please contact me if you are interested.

Access the machines
Making pads