Instructions for Warping a Loom

Making the Warp

Step One: measure and tie on guiding thread to warping frame.

Make a loop.

Measure from the top of the loop to the required length. Do not cut.

Make a slip knot at the end.

Adjust the height of the warping frame on the wall to suit your height.


Put the first loop onto the top of the frame on peg 1 and the other loop on to bottom peg c.


2 and 3 are needed for the top cross and a, b, c for the bottom cross.


Put round other pegs fitting in cross between 2 and 3 on the top and between b and c on the bottom. Adjust the length at the slip knot if needed.


Step Two: winding the warp on:

A: with one thread

Put the bobbin on the stand and thread through the eyelet.


Make sure that the thread can run freely from the bobbin through the eyelet.



Make a slip knot on top and put on no 1.