Birds on the beach

Control - one hand woven jacquard-panel with lots of samples and article printed on banners 2005 - 2007

app 103 cm x 400 cm

cotton and other found yarns, image: Dunedin Peninsula - samples: woven in Montreal at Hexagram - final panel: woven in Melbourne at RMIT

from the article in Junctures 2007:I have been and am still as critical about digital media as I am fascinated by them. My decision
to train in the realm of new technologies and new materials in spite of my apprehension was
a deliberate one as I wanted to be able to contribute to the discussion and evaluation of risk
or benefit in an informed way. However, my involvement with the digital has not relieved but
rather confirmed my concerns. I am not sure that the ‘whole world of opportunities’ [I was
mentioning in the beginning of this article] is adding to our quality of life. I am certain though
that they do not increase our level of personal control over our work, even if we wish that
they might do so."