Think while you do your dishes - River Health

From the Mountains to the Sea, Art & Science 2019

Series of Teatowels, designed in collaboration with Sally Carson, director of Marine Studies Centre at Otago University, woven by Christine Keller and Hope Duncan.

100% Cotton

I saw the beautiful and amazingly colourful animals who live in the river mouth and are shown around the country in the Aquavan. I designed a towel inspired by the colours of anemones, starfish and sea tulips.

I learned about sediment plumes which appear in the river mouth if the land along the river is not properly cared for and made a towel for that.

They were sold in double packs only, motifs of the animals and the sediment which covers them.

The towel's label links to, which gives people an insight of the work of the Aquavan project.

During the last few years I started the production of hand woven Kitchentowels in Dunedin. They are simple everyday objects which cost much more than their mass-produced sisters due to time and effort gone into them. They have added value due to the touch­­ of the maker. They are good at what they do – they dry dishes they give pleasure. They are an individual object which has been made by a local human. The Art and Science towels all tell a story as well...

I hope that I can interest more people to buy less, buy local and treat their objects well enough to last a very long time. We need to change. In our attitude to objects, consume and agriculture.