Art and Earth - Otago Schist

Earth: caught in stone, Art & Science 2021

2 wall panels, woven in collaboration with Adam Martin, senior geologist at GNS Science

app 90 cm by 220 cm

merino and plant fibres

"The iconic Central Otago landscape of tors (pillars of rock) are made of schist. Schist is a type of rock that was deposited as mud- or sand-sized fragments in the ocean some 250 million years ago. Here, schist rock has been polished to exactly 0.03 mm-thick, which is so thin that light can shine through." (Martin)

"The process of the making has been refreshingly intuitive. I did not take detailed notes but just trusted the process and my experience. Warp threads were dyed and arranged onto 2 beams and 16 shafts on the loom with the given photo in mind." (Keller)