Light content: Concrete

3 Jacquard handwoven panels 2004

app 103 cm x 180 cm each

cotton, various yarns, retroreflective ribbon, steel wire

These are images of steel structures and concrete walls and bridges taken in Montreal. The wire in the pieces is hinting at the reinforcement steel in the structures. In the eastern Canadian climate with extreme temperatures of plus 40°C to - 30°C the concrete breaks frequently.

The reflection in the panels is controlled by the viewer with a handheld lamp. Without the light source in the direction of the viewer, the photograph is not visible.

I am juxtapositioning two images which were meant as symbols for the technological future of their time but seem now so out of date.

Weaving is a technique which has also many time layers to it. It is ancient and modern, handmade and digital at the same time.