Classes fill up fast and people in a current class have preference over new students.

Please inquire via the contact page

There are four terms per year. We are starting this year's classes on March 23/24 2022

Due to high retention rates it has turned out that I only accepted a couple of new people into term one and maybe term two will also be filled amongst ourselves. As we cannot really socially distance in this smallish space we decided for now to accept only fully vaccinated people into the LoomRoom.

Watch this space - As the situation evolves we might have new free spaces later in the year. The policies around Covid will be reviewed and updated if the situations grants this.


Currently I am running community classes for all levels in eight week blocks. Our terms are not the same as the school terms.

Students come for three hours per week in small groups of mixed level of experience. You can choose between Wednesday and Thursday, 9.30 am to 12.30 or 6 pm to 9.

A limited amount of materials is available to students for sale and will be charged for separately.

After some years at the same prices, I decided to increase tuition this year.

The loom rental is $20/term for a table loom and $50/month for a floor loom. Classes are $180/term for non earners and $230/term for earners.